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Figure 7 | Cilia

Figure 7

From: ParameciumBBS genes are key to presence of channels in Cilia

Figure 7

Immunoblots (ECL) of proteins immunoprecipitated from ciliary membranes. Ciliary membranes were solubilized in Triton X-114 and the proteins were immunoprecipitated using anti-FLAG affinity beads and separated on a 5-18% SDS-PAGE gel. (A) Control experiment where cells were expressing the empty FLAG vector (control) or FLAG-VGCC1c (TEST). The IP of the FLAG-VGCC1c can be seen in the TEST lane (arrow: 272 kD). (B) Cells expressing FLAG-VGCC1c were fed bacteria with the BBS8 RNAi plasmid (BBS8) or the empty RNAi vector (EV L4440) as a control. The immunoblots were developed using polyclonal anti-FLAG. Arrow indicates the band of the FLAG-VGCC1c proteins.

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