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Figure 4 | Cilia

Figure 4

From: Tubby is required for trafficking G protein-coupled receptors to neuronal cilia

Figure 4

Defective ciliary targeting of SSTR3 in the tubby mutant. In both hippocampus (A) and in the hypothalamus (B) of the WT brain, SSTR3 (green) labels neuronal cilia strongly in the WT tissues (upper panels) but largely fail to label the cilia in the mutant (lower panels). The retrosplenial cortex (C), pontine central gray (D) and infralimbic area (E) are three other brain regions where SSTR3 labeling of the neuronal cilia could be readily detected in the WT mouse. In all these regions, SSTR3 appear absent in the mutant. Rootletin staining (red) serves as a marker for the ciliary base. Cell nuclei were counter stained blue by DAPI.

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