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Figure 3 | Cilia

Figure 3

From: Cryo-electron tomography of motile cilia and flagella

Figure 3

Asymmetry of molecular arrangement in Chlamydomonas flagella. (A) Electron micrographs of cross sections of flagella in Chlamydomonas cells (without deflagellation), modified from [40]. MTD1 and MTDs 5/6 are indicated by a long and short arrows. The 1–2 bridge is shown by arrowheads. (B) Structure of nine MTDs from the proximal and the distal regions, averaged separately. Red: ODA. Cyan: IDA. Dark blue: RS. Yellow: IC/LC. Green: nexin/DRC. Orange: 1–2 bridge. Modified from [35]. These structures are available in EM Databank (EMD2113-2130). (C) 3D structure of MTD1 (right) and MTD4 (left). From EMD2113 and EMD2119. The arrows indicate two extra linkers (IDL2 and IDL3). The arrowheads indicate nexin/DRC.

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