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Figure 4 | Cilia

Figure 4

From: Cryo-electron tomography of motile cilia and flagella

Figure 4

Atomic model fitting to the 3D structure averaged from the tomograms of Chlamydomonas flagella. (A) Sections of our tomographic reconstruction. Protofilaments and dynein stalks are indicated in green and blue, respectively. Modified from [41] (B-D). Fitting atomic models of cytoplasmic dynein heads (3VKG; the microtubule binding domain is not shown) [42] to our tomography [35] (EMD2117). Red: ODA. Cyan: IDA. Blue: MTD. (B) View seen from the adjacent MTD. Left: proximal end. Right: distal end. (C, D) Views from the proximal end.

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