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Figure 9 | Cilia

Figure 9

From: Cryo-electron tomography of motile cilia and flagella

Figure 9

Structure without 96-nm periodicity. (A-D) Paraflagellar rod from Trypanosome brucei. (A, B) Cross section to visualize the axoneme (numbered) and the paraflagellar rod. The definition of the numbering MTDs is different from Chlamydomonas. (C) Interface structure between the axoneme and the paraflagellar rod. (D) 2D crystal structure of the paraflagellar rod seen from the side (perpendicular to the axoneme). (A, C) From [92]. (B, D) From [91] with permission. (E) IFT long train [93], which is responsible for anterograde transport. Left: view from the tip. Right: view from MTD. Structure at the interface to MTD, likely kinesin, is indicated as “k”. A- and B-tubules are also labeled. ©Pigino et al. [93]. Originally published in J. Cell Biol. doi: 10.1083/jcb.200905103

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