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Table 2 Comparison of Ca 2+ -dependent regulation of outer arm dynein between Ciona sperm flagella and Chlamydomonas flagella

From: Calcium sensors of ciliary outer arm dynein: functions and phylogenetic considerations for eukaryotic evolution

  Ciona Chlamydomonas
Outer arm dynein Two-headed Tree-headed
Ca2+sensor Calaxin LC4 (+DC3)
Target heavy chain β HCa γ HCa
Low Ca2+ Binding to IC2b Binding to HC
Binding to β-tubulin
High Ca2+ Binding to HC Binding to HC
Binding to IC2 Binding to IC1b
MTs sliding Suppression ND
Flagellar asymmetry High Ca2+ Low Ca2+
  1. The nomenclatures of the components of dynein are confusing because these were originally named based on electrophoretic mobility in SDS-gel (see references [56,57,166,174]). a Chlamydomonas γ HC corresponds to Ciona β HC. b Chlamydomonas IC1 corresponds to Ciona IC2.