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Fig. 1 | Cilia

Fig. 1

From: Basal bodies in Xenopus

Fig. 1

Multiciliated epithelium of Xenopus. a The punctate pattern of MCCs in the skin of Xenopus embryos with cilia marked with anti-acetylated tubulin (green) and cell boundaries marked with phalloidin (red). b Single MCC with the basal bodies marked with Centrin4-RFP (red) and the rootlets marked with GFP-CLAMP (green). c Close-up image of two basal body/rootlet pairs from (b). d TEM image showing the rootlet and the basal foot in opposite orientation surrounding the basal body. In all images, anterior is to the left and posterior is to the right. The effective stroke of the ciliary beat is oriented to the posterior

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