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Fig. 2 | Cilia

Fig. 2

From: Basal body structure in Trichonympha

Fig. 2

Exceptionally long basal body in Trichonympha. a Electron micrograph of isolated Trichonympha sp. basal body. b Immunofluorescence of isolated Trichonympha sp. basal body revealing TaSAS-6 localization (red, yellow in overlay) along the basal body/flagellum complex stained with acetylated tubulin (green). c Schematic representation of the exceptionally long basal body of Trichonympha, with the cartwheel-bearing region highlighted. d Cross section of Trichonympha basal body; arrow points to cartwheel structure, with central hub and nice radial spokes connecting with peripheral microtubules. Scale bar in (a, b) 250 nm, in (d) 50 nm

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