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Fig. 2

From: Drosophila melanogaster as a model for basal body research

Fig. 2

The variety of basal bodies found in Drosophila. a Representative electron micrographs of the cross section view of the basal body in olfactory neurons (i), chordotonal neurons (ii), spermatocyte (iii) and spermatid (iv). b Schematics and representative electron micrographs of the longitudinal view of the basal body in chordotonal neurons (i) and spermatid (ii). BB, pBB and dBB represent basal body, proximal basal body and distal basal body, respectively. Scale bars in a and b represent 100 and 500 nm, respectively. The electron micrographs in a are reproduced with permission from [20, 23, 54] and in b-ii from [20]

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