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Table 1 Proteomic, RNAi and genomic screens that identified Drosophila centriole or centrosome proteins

From: Drosophila melanogaster as a model for basal body research

Type of screen System Proteins identified References
Genetic screen for mechanosensation defects In vivo genetic screen Unc, Asterless (MecD), Cep290 (MecH) [13, 62, 63]
Genetic screen for male infertility In vivo genetic screen Asterless, Spd-2 [64, 65]
RNAi Cell culture Ana1, Ana2, Ana3 [66]
RNAi Cell culture Bld10, CP110, Cep97, Rcd4 [67]
Proteomic Mature sperm Ana1, Ana3, Asp, Bld10, Grip163, Ninein, Plp, Rootletin [60]
Proteomic Isolated blastoderm embryo centrosomes CG11148, Cort, Crm, eIF-4a, Feo, Lam, Nup153, TFAM [68]
Proteomic Isolated blastoderm embryo centrosomes Ote; new phosphorylation sites mapped in known centrosome proteins [69]