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Fig. 6 | Cilia

Fig. 6

From: Fixation methods can differentially affect ciliary protein immunolabeling

Fig. 6

Different fixation methods affect cilia marker immunolabeling in RPE cells. RPE cells were subjected to various fixation methods and then probed with AC3, Arl13b, CSPP1, and IFT20 antibodies (red). All coverslips were also co-stained with acetylated-α-tubulin (green) for cilia labeling and Hoechst for nuclear labeling (blue). Insets are separated channel images at 50% of the original image. Generally, cilia immunolabeling was best observed for the membrane-localizing proteins (AC3 and Arl13b) in the PFA-S group, while axoneme-localizing proteins (CSPP1 and IFT20) were best preserved in cilia treated with CB fixation methods. Scale bars 5 µm

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