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Fig. 1

From: Sensing the cilium, digital capture of ciliary data for comparative genomics investigations

Fig. 1

Curation prioritization and progress for mouse equivalents of human SYSCILIA genes. This flow chart diagrams our process of prioritizing the mouse equivalents of the human SYSCILIA Gold Standard list, starting with determining the mouse orthologs or most closely related gene(s), determining the state of existing ciliary annotations to the BP and CC terms used in July 2013 (as listed in Table 3), and determining the type of literature available (ciliary or other), if any. Genes lacking any ciliary annotations and with associated references comprised the high-priority category. Genes with annotations in only one aspect of GO (either BP or CC) and with associated references comprised the medium priority genes. Genes that were annotated with at least one ciliary GO term from both BP and from CC (see Table 4) were part of the low-priority category. The remainder of the low-priority category consisted of genes which were not associated with any references in July 2013, indicating that there were no publications available for curation of these genes at that time. Bars below each numbered bubble indicate the number of genes in that grouping that were “completely” curated and the number which were not targeted for curation as of December 2016

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