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Fig. 2 | Cilia

Fig. 2

From: Sensing the cilium, digital capture of ciliary data for comparative genomics investigations

Fig. 2

Comparison of top 25 most significant terms with experimental evidence. Enrichment analyses were performed using the VLAD web tool [54, 55] using mouse annotation and Gene Ontology files from either July 2013 or December 2016. The Query set of genes was composed of the 134 “completed” genes that were comprehensively annotated during this project. Only annotations with experimental evidence codes (IDA, IGI, IMP, IPI, IEP, EXP; the latter two of which are not present in the July 3013 GAF) were considered in the enrichment analysis; see Additional file 4 for acronym expansions of the Gene Ontology evidence codes [67]. Green squares: GO terms that rank higher using the current version of GO; yellow square: term that did not change in rank; red squares: terms that rank lower; gray squares: terms that have dropped out of the top 30 ranked results; white squares: terms that are among the top 30 when using the current annotations and version of GO, but not the July 2013 data; striped squares: ciliary subset terms (Table 3 lists terms that are used directly for experimental annotations of mouse genes. For the complete list of ciliary subset terms, including terms such as ‘ciliary part’ that are not used for direct annotation and other terms that are not used in annotation of mouse genes, see Additional file 3 from Roncaglia et al. [8]). GO terms of interest discussed in the text are highlighted with colored arrows as indicated on the key

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