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Table 1 Mouse equivalents of the SYSCILIA Gold Standard list of human ciliary genes

From: Sensing the cilium, digital capture of ciliary data for comparative genomics investigations

Homology data source # genes with m human to n mouse relationship Total
1:1 1:2 1:4 Unclear
MouseMine: both HomoloGene and PANTHER 264 4 1   269
MouseMine: HomoloGene only 27   3   30
MouseMine: PANTHER only 4 2    6
Manual examination of PANTHER family     5 5
Total 295 6 4 5 310
  1. Starting with the 302 genes of the SYSCILIA Consortium’s Gold Standard list of human ciliary genes, we used a combination of HomoloGene and PANTHER data present in MouseMine to identify the corresponding mouse genes. For five genes, visual examination of PANTHER family trees was also used to determine which mouse genes were related to the human genes. These 310 mouse genes comprised our list of mouse genes to target for curation