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Fig. 4 | Cilia

Fig. 4

From: Evidence of primary cilia in the developing rat heart

Fig. 4

Association of ARL13B with cell type in neonatal cardiac tissue. Representative confocal images of neonatal rat cardiac tissue sections triple immunolabelled with Hoechst (blue), ARL13B in red; with RECA-1 (a), vimentin (b), or phalloidin (cf) labels in green. Cilia, identified by white arrows in each image, were not associated with either endothelial cells (a) or with interstitial fibroblasts (b, h, i, vimentin). ARL13B-positive structures always appeared to be associated with myocyte f-actin (cf, phalloidin). White arrowheads (g) show fibroblasts with nuclei which are much smaller in size than the more abundant myocyte nuclei. Insets in a and d show magnified views of the dotted boxes

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