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Fig. 2 | Cilia

Fig. 2

From: Amyloid-β interrupts canonical Sonic hedgehog signaling by distorting primary cilia structure

Fig. 2

Secreted Amyloid-β treatment decreases cilia length. a Representation of experimental approach to generate secreted neurotoxic Aβ. Naïve and stable HEK293 swdAPP cells were cultured and conditioned media collected for NIH3T3 treatment. Conditioned media (CM) collected from stable HEK293 swdAPP treated with vehicle control (DMSO) is designated as “Aβ CM” while stable cells treated with 2 μM L-685,458 is designated as “Aβ CM + L685,458”. Conditioned media was diluted 1:1 with fresh DMEM immediately prior to NIH3T3 treatment. b Confocal 3D analysis of naïve NIH3T3 cells treated with vehicle control CM, Aβ CM, or Aβ CM_L685,458 for 24 h. Cells were stained with acetylated tubulin and > 50 cilia per condition analyzed. Scale bar represents 20 μm. c, d Bar graph representing quantification of cilia length and frequency. Values denote mean ± standard errors of the means. Student’s t test was used for statistical analysis: ***p < 0.005, **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05

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