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Fig. 4 | Cilia

Fig. 4

From: Amyloid-β interrupts canonical Sonic hedgehog signaling by distorting primary cilia structure

Fig. 4

Amyloid precursor protein localizes to primary cilia of NIH3T3 and HeLa cells. a Confocal analysis of overexpressed Cherry-APP localization in NIH3T3 cells stained using anti-acetylated tubulin antibody. Scale bar, 25 μm. b Compartmentalization analysis of acetylated tubulin (blue), Cherry-APP (red) using Volocity 3D imaging analysis software of the previous image in a. c, d Localization analysis of fluorescence intensity of NIH3T3 cells overexpressing Cherry-APP and GFP-Smo constructs. d Fluorescence intensities of acetylated tubulin (blue), GFP-Smo (green), and Cherry-APP (red) though the 5.47 μm cross section depicted in right-most panel of c. e Confocal immunofluorescence analysis of naïve HeLa cells co-stained with anti-acetylated tubulin and C-terminal APP antibody. Scale bar, 7 μm. (f) Fluorescence intensities of nuclei (blue), acetylated tubulin (green), and endogenous APP (red) though the 2.73 μm cross section depicted in right-most panel of e

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