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Fig. 3 | Cilia

Fig. 3

From: Glioma cell proliferation is enhanced in the presence of tumor-derived cilia vesicles

Fig. 3

Time-lapse images and movies show ciliary tip excision in multiple L0 Arl13b:GFP+ clones. ac Time-lapse image series of two different Arl13b:GFP+ clones (C6 and F5) in which the cilia tips appear to pinch off (arrows about halfway through each of the still images). In the top example in a, arrows in the third and fourth row of images show the released vesicle breaking apart and dispersing as the cell rounds up and divides, shortly after the last frame (not shown). The accompanying movie files for a, b, and c are shown in Additional files 5, 6, and 7, respectively

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