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Featured article: Assaying sensory ciliopathies using calcium biosensor expression in zebrafish ciliated olfactory neurons

Zebrafish provide a robust discovery platform for genes involved in both motile and sensory cilia function. In an article by Bergboer et al, stimulating olfactory sensory cilia with odorants coupled with transgenic expression of genetically encoded fluorescent calcium biosensors in olfactory sensory neurons generated a live assay system where requirements for intraflagellar transport and other syndromic ciliopathy proteins can be directly measured.


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Aims and scope

Cilia is an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality basic and translational research on the biology of cilia and diseases associated with ciliary dysfunction. Research approaches include cell and developmental biology, use of model organisms, and human and molecular genetics.


Philip L Beales, University College London, UK
Peter K Jackson, Stanford University, USA

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