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Figure 2

From: The transition zone: an essential functional compartment of cilia

Figure 2

Localization of the indicated proteins (coloured ovals) to sub-ciliary compartments (pale blue, axoneme; grey, inversin compartment; pink, transition zone; dark blue, basal body; grey with dashed square , centriolar satellites) are represented based on biochemical and genetic interaction data from four recent studies of the composition of the transition zone (Sang et al. 2011, Garcia- Gonzalo et al. 2011, Williams et al. 2011 and Huang et al. 2011; each indicated at the top of each section). White text indicates common components identified by different studies; dark lines indicate an interaction identified by MS/MS; a dashed line indicates a genetic interaction; overlapping ellipses indicated a direct interaction. The model system(s) used to generate these data are also indicated for each study.

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