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Figure 6

From: Tubby is required for trafficking G protein-coupled receptors to neuronal cilia

Figure 6

Estimation of Sstr3 and Mchr1 transcript levels by qPCR. Real time reverse transcription-quantitative PCR amplification of Sstr3 and Mchr1 mRNA from total brain RNA isolated from one pair of 20-day-old WT and tubby mutant mice using the TaqMan assay. Results shown are the means of triplicate assays from two independent RT-PCR experiments, normalized against the geometric mean of four genes that served as internal controls (Hprt1, Eif2s3y, Rsp26, Tuba1a). Mchr1 and Sstr3 transcripts are found at 62% and 115% of the WT levels, respectively.

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