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Table 2 IFT parameters in Chlamydomonas and Trypanosoma

From: Getting to the heart of intraflagellar transport using Trypanosoma and Chlamydomonas models: the strength is in their differences

Reference Parameter Anterograde μm/s-1 Retrograde μm/s-1
Kozminski et al.[38] DIC 2.0 3.5
Iomini et al.[76] DIC 1.8 3.1
Dentler [74] DIC 1.9 2.8
Qin et al.[77] IFT27 1.9 3.3
Engel et al.[69] KAP 2.3 nd
  IFT27 2.2 nd
  DIC 2.4 nd
Lechtreck et al.[78] IFT20 2.1 2.5
Buisson et al.[75] IFT52 (27°C) 2.4 (1.5)* 5.6
Buisson et al.[75] IFT52 (37°C) 3.2 (2.2)* 7.4
Buisson et al.[75] DHC1b (27°C) 2.3 (1.3)* 5.0
  1. Asterisks indicate the population of slower anterograde trains. DHC, dynein heavy chain; DIC, differential interference contrast; IFT, intraflagellar transport; KAP, kinesin-associated protein; nd, no data.