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Table 1 Current zebrafish functional analysis, with zebrafish-specific references, of genes identified through the SCGS list to be BB/centrosome affiliated

From: Zebrafish: a vertebrate tool for studying basal body biogenesis, structure, and function

Gene RNA refseq/genbank Associated disease Genetic manipulation Phenotype Refs.
Ahi1 NM_001077561.1 JSRD MO CE, V, E, K, Ct, Hc, LRP, C− [68]
Cep131 XM_009306856.1 BBS, T2D MO CE, E, LRP, BB+ , CLO [15]
Bbs10 NM_001089463.1 BBS, T2D MO CE [69, 70]
Bbs12 XM_002667206.3 ADPKD, NPHP, AS, OFDS, MKS, JS MO CE, LRP [71]
Bbs5 NM_200299.1 BBS MO V, K, CLO [72]
C2orf71 BI878361.1 RP MO V [73]
Cep83 XM_009300427.1 Unknown MO E, CLO [74]
Cep164 EB913016.1 NPHP MO CE, Mc [75]
Cep290 NM_001168267.1 LCA, BBS, MKS, NPHP MO CE, V, K, Hc [76, 77]
Cep41 NM_001002194.1 JSRD MO V, E, Hc, LRP, CM [78]
Disc1 NM_001142263.1 SCZD MO V, Ct, Mc [79]
Kif7 NM_001014816.1 ACLS, JS, HYLS MO, ZFN Mt Hh [80, 81]
Mks1 NM_001077373.2 BBS, MKS MO CE [82]
Nek2 NM_201050.1 RP MO V [83]
Nin XM_009307506.1 SS MO V, E, Mc [84]
Ninl NM_001281798.1 USH2A MO V, K, BB+ [85]
Odf2a XM_001332528.6 MC MO V, Mc [86]
Poc1b NM_200118.1 CORD MO V, K, Ct, LRP, CLO [53]
Rab11a NM_001007359.1 Unknown MO LRP [87]
Rp2 NM_213446.1 RP MO V, Hc, Mc [88]
Rpgrip1 l NM_001246660.2 JS, MKS, COACH MO CE, V, Hc, LRP, BB+, CLO [89, 90]
Sass6 NM_213438.1 MC MO, ENU Mt MD [48, 91]
Sdccag8 XM_005156579.2 BBS, SLS MO CE, K, Hc [92]
Snx10a NM_001139462.1 O MO LRP, C− [93]
Stil NM_173244.2 MC MO, ENU Mt, RVI Mt. V, Mc [94, 95]
Toporsa NM_001305555.1 RD MO CE, V, Hc [96]
Ttk NM_175042.2 Unknown ENU Mt CE [97]
Yap1 NM_001139480.1 Unknown MO CE, V, K, Hc, BB+, C−, CLO [29]
Gmnc XM_009291838.1 Unknown MO, CRISPR Mt K, C−, CLO [32]
  1. Note the addition of post-SCGS genes, yap and gmnc
  2. JSRD joubert syndrome and related disorders, BBS bardet biedl syndrome, T2D type 2 diabetes, ADPKD autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, NPHP nephronophthisis, AS alström syndrome, OFDS orofaciodigital syndrome type 1, MKS meckels syndrome, RP retinitis pigmentosa, LCA leber’s congenital amaurosis, MC microcephaly, USH2A usher syndrome 2A, COACH cerebellar vermis oligophrenia ataxia coloboma hepatic fibrosis, SCZD schizophrenia, SLS senior-loken syndrome, O osteopetrosis, CORD cone-rod dystrophy, RD retinal degeneration, ZFN zinc finger nuclease, ENU N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea, RVI retroviral insertion, Mt mutant. Phenotype abbreviations: CE convergent extension defects, V visual impairment, E ear and otolith defects, K kidney defects including pronephric tubule dilation, Ct abnormal cartilage development, Hc hydrocephaly, Mc microcephaly, LRP left–right patterning defects, BB+ BBs observed intact, C− cilia absent, CM defective cilia motility, CLO cilia length and organization affected, Hh hedgehog signaling abrogated, MD mitotic division disrupted