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Fig. 1 | Cilia

Fig. 1

From: Fixation methods can differentially affect ciliary protein immunolabeling

Fig. 1

Different fixation methods affect microtubule immunolabeling and phalloidin staining of actin stress fibers in IMCD3 and RPE cells. IMCD3 and RPE cells, subjected to various fixation methods, were labeled for microtubules (β-tubulin, green), actin stress fibers (phalloidin, red), and nuclei staining (Hoechst, blue). Cilia and microtubules were preserved in both IMCD3 and RPE cells to varying extents in all fixation methods. Phalloidin staining of stress fibers was not preserved in the MeOH, CB → MeOH, and the CB → CBPFA → MeOH groups for both cell lines, but was preserved in all other fixation groups. Scale bars 10 µm

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