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Table 4 Initial ciliary curation status and prioritization (July 2013)

From: Sensing the cilium, digital capture of ciliary data for comparative genomics investigations

Ciliary curation status (experimental—July 2013) # of genes # genes by curation status
Ciliary references Other references No references
Genes with no ciliary annotations 30** 73** 83 186
Genes with BP only 9* 5* 11 25
Genes with CC only 24* 14* 15 53
Genes with both BP and CC 15 7 24 46
# genes by reference availability 78 99 133 310
  1. Based on the existence of experimental annotations to ciliary BP and/or CC GO terms for each of the 310 mouse genes (see Table 3 for list of ciliary GO terms), we assigned each gene a ciliary curation status. Combined with the availability of literature, some of which was focused on cilia, we placed genes associated with relevant uncurated literature but with no ciliary annotations ** into the high priority category, while those with only a few ciliary annotations * were placed into the medium priority category