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Fig. 2 | Cilia

Fig. 2

From: Glioma cell proliferation is enhanced in the presence of tumor-derived cilia vesicles

Fig. 2

Arl13b:GFP-expressing glioma cell lines were generated using PiggyBac transgenesis. a PiggyBac transgenesis was used to insert GFP-tagged, full-length mouse Arl13b into the genome of GBM patient-derived cells. Three to four weeks after transfection, cells were FAC-sorted and GFP+ clones expanded and analyzed for the presence of GFP+ cilia. b Quantification of the percentage of acetylated alpha-tubulin+ (aaTub+) cilia that were Arl13b:GFP+ across seven Arl13b:GFP+ L0 clones. c Confocal maximum projection image of an unstained L0 clone C6 tumor sphere expressing Arl13b:GFP+ cilia (green). Nuclei were labeled with DAPI (blue). Scale bar = 10 μm

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